What This Heavy Snow Means for Your Trees

With the recent heavy snows form Winter Storm Q this past week, you may have heard about or seen falling branches and limbs. It’s been reported around the metro that tree branches were falling on power lines, in the street, and on people’s houses or cars. This is scary considering the damage that could do to your home or any parked cars. This recent snow was very wet and very heavy so we need to consider our safety as well as the safety of our things.

Once the snow stops falling, that doesn’t mean we are in the clear. High winds could still exist and stress your already overburdened trees. If there are no safety concerns such as power lines down, you may want to take a broom to the lower branches to gently remove some of the snow. You certainly don’t want to go climbing to reach higher branches and if you notice any cracking, stay clear.

Our advice for preventing broken limbs and branches in the future is to keep up on your tree maintenance. Any prolonged maintenance on your trees will start to have a large impact. Those who have maintenance plans and have cared for their trees in advance are now seeing the return on their investment.

Regular tree maintenance will prevent your branches from snapping and possibly causing costly damages. Elms, willows and evergreens are especially susceptible and need proper pruning. Some people in the area have even had entire trees uprooted.

Pruning in the late winter is the perfect time, and you need a tree trimming specialist to avoid improper care. Caring for your trees during the winter will prevent your branches from breaking or being hazardous. Tree maintenance will keep your property safe and looking its best.

Stay safe out there!

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12 Responses to What This Heavy Snow Means for Your Trees

  1. It’s tough to take care of your trees with the crazy weather we get here. I think these tips will help out though.

  2. Total Home says:

    Last year, my trees got so sick after the winter months. They started to turn white and they didnt get many leave back. I had to cut them down.

  3. I have a lot of trees on my property. I hope that this storm didn’t hurt them in any way. Thanks for the tips, I’ll do what I can to make sure that they are looking good for the summer

  4. Tree maintenance may never be fun, but it can save you some damage in the future. Great article to remind us to be on the lookout for any limbs that may be too long.

  5. This type of snow makes for some very beautiful scenery, but its definitely not good on the trees. I had many branches down in my backyard.

  6. Great tip about the prefect time to prune your tree is in late winter.

  7. After reading this article I now see the importance of making sure my trees are pruned and ready for winters snow.

  8. Tree damage during the winter months is never ending with snowfall. Having professionals, or someone who knows how to properly trim trees, can keep a roof over your head!! It’s better to be safe if you think that limb is too long.

  9. If you leave in a part of the country to have to deal with snowfall, it’s always best to look at trees. Limbs that have a tendency to lean over important parts of the home should immediately be checked. If not, you could wind up with no power, or worse.

  10. All of the snow on the trees is lovely, but when you notice all of the damage it causes, it makes me feel bad for the trees!

  11. LifeTime Pet says:

    Hope we are done seeing the snow, finally. This winter brought a lot of hazards for many homeowners.

  12. Also with the recent lightning, care for the trees can help a lot.

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