Winter activities: ice fishing

A fun activity to do with the family is fishing. However, when winter comes around it makes it a bit challenging but it is still possible! Ice fishing is not even that expensive Here are some tips on how you can enjoy ice fishing this winter season!

  • ice-fishing-luxury-lake-livingGet your basic fishing equipment: Your basic rod/reel combination will work just fine, a drill (for the ice), a bucket with a seat (you will not want to sit on the ice), jigs and some bait.
  • Rod/reels – Most people will recommend getting a 24” light action rod. These are easy to use and they are also viable rods to use during the spring time
  • Drill – Your drill is essential for ice fishing as you will need to get through the ice to fish. If you are planning on only doing it once or twice a year, a hand model may be the route you go. However, if you are going to be on the ice a lot, a power drill will be worth the money you spend on it. A drill is the safest way to get through the ice. If you can somehow throw a rock through the ice, you’re probably not in the safest of locations for ice fishing
  • Seat – Ice fishing is not going to be a 10-minute activity. You may be on the ice for hours. Having a seat that can serve as a bucket for storing the fish you catch and take home and to carry your bait and tackle will be a great investment. Some of these even include padded seats and beverage holders.
  • Shelter – If you plan on going out with a few different people and you are going to be on the ice for a while, a portable shelter is a great investment. They can usually safely house three or four people. Here are some tips on finding a great shelter.
  • Safety –  Wear lots of layers to protect from the cold. Gloves are a must to help protect from frostbite and hypothermia. Having a rope handy in case someone falls through the ice is a good idea, as well. Go with at least one other person. Being by yourself on the ice is just asking for trouble. And most importantly of all, make sure the ice is thick enough. The absolute minimum it should be is three inches!

Woodland Shores has great luxury lake living at unbeatable prices. Imagine being able to walk to your backyard and onto the ice to do some ice fishing in the winter and then being able to water ski, sailing or jet ski in the summer time! Give us a call today if you want to look into getting a home near a lake!

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8 Responses to Winter activities: ice fishing

  1. Ice fishing is great! But you need to bundle up so you don’t go home sick!

  2. That’d be fun to take out the kids and pretend we’re Eskimos ice fishing in Alaska. I’d love to try it sometime!

  3. I love ice fishing. A very important tool is your ice drill. Always make sure it’s a good one or you may find yourself in trouble.

  4. When I was visiting my family up North, I saw a lot of sales for ice fishing shelters. It threw me off guard because you don’t see much of that around KC. Some were very fancy!

  5. Ice fishing is fun, but it takes patience and very warm clothing! Good post!

  6. This would be really fun to do! I have never been ice fishing.

  7. This sounds like a fun activity!

  8. The TIL Show says:

    This sounds like an interesting winter activity.

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