What This Heavy Snow Means for Your Trees

With the recent heavy snows form Winter Storm Q this past week, you may have heard about or seen falling branches and limbs. It’s been reported around the metro that tree branches were falling on power lines, in the street, and on people’s houses or cars. This is scary considering the damage that could do to your home or any parked cars. This recent snow was very wet and very heavy so we need to consider our safety as well as the safety of our things.

Once the snow stops falling, that doesn’t mean we are in the clear. High winds could still exist and stress your already overburdened trees. If there are no safety concerns such as power lines down, you may want to take a broom to the lower branches to gently remove some of the snow. You certainly don’t want to go climbing to reach higher branches and if you notice any cracking, stay clear.

Our advice for preventing broken limbs and branches in the future is to keep up on your tree maintenance. Any prolonged maintenance on your trees will start to have a large impact. Those who have maintenance plans and have cared for their trees in advance are now seeing the return on their investment.

Regular tree maintenance will prevent your branches from snapping and possibly causing costly damages. Elms, willows and evergreens are especially susceptible and need proper pruning. Some people in the area have even had entire trees uprooted.

Pruning in the late winter is the perfect time, and you need a tree trimming specialist to avoid improper care. Caring for your trees during the winter will prevent your branches from breaking or being hazardous. Tree maintenance will keep your property safe and looking its best.

Stay safe out there!

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Winter activities: ice fishing

A fun activity to do with the family is fishing. However, when winter comes around it makes it a bit challenging but it is still possible! Ice fishing is not even that expensive Here are some tips on how you can enjoy ice fishing this winter season!

  • ice-fishing-luxury-lake-livingGet your basic fishing equipment: Your basic rod/reel combination will work just fine, a drill (for the ice), a bucket with a seat (you will not want to sit on the ice), jigs and some bait.
  • Rod/reels – Most people will recommend getting a 24” light action rod. These are easy to use and they are also viable rods to use during the spring time
  • Drill – Your drill is essential for ice fishing as you will need to get through the ice to fish. If you are planning on only doing it once or twice a year, a hand model may be the route you go. However, if you are going to be on the ice a lot, a power drill will be worth the money you spend on it. A drill is the safest way to get through the ice. If you can somehow throw a rock through the ice, you’re probably not in the safest of locations for ice fishing
  • Seat – Ice fishing is not going to be a 10-minute activity. You may be on the ice for hours. Having a seat that can serve as a bucket for storing the fish you catch and take home and to carry your bait and tackle will be a great investment. Some of these even include padded seats and beverage holders.
  • Shelter – If you plan on going out with a few different people and you are going to be on the ice for a while, a portable shelter is a great investment. They can usually safely house three or four people. Here are some tips on finding a great shelter.
  • Safety –  Wear lots of layers to protect from the cold. Gloves are a must to help protect from frostbite and hypothermia. Having a rope handy in case someone falls through the ice is a good idea, as well. Go with at least one other person. Being by yourself on the ice is just asking for trouble. And most importantly of all, make sure the ice is thick enough. The absolute minimum it should be is three inches!

Woodland Shores has great luxury lake living at unbeatable prices. Imagine being able to walk to your backyard and onto the ice to do some ice fishing in the winter and then being able to water ski, sailing or jet ski in the summer time! Give us a call today if you want to look into getting a home near a lake!

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Low cost upgrades for your kitchen

Want to increase the value of your home? Of course you do. A simple way to accomplish this is to remodel your kitchen. Remodeling Magazine’s 2011-12 Cost vs. Value Report stated that “midrange minor kitchen remodels or “cosmetic” changes — new countertops, cabinet fronts, a few new appliances, light fixtures and hardware — have an average national cost of $20,000 and get 72 percent return on investment.”

low cast kitchen upgrades

We understand that you probably don’t have $20,000 to spend on your kitchen right now. That is okay because there are multiple ways you can upgrade your kitchen for a total of under $2,000. Even if don’t want to sell your house any time soon, these are simple and inexpensive ways to transform your kitchen to give it a new, fresh and improved look.

The key to spending a minimal amount of money to upgrade your kitchen is to pick a couple key elements you want to focus on and improve. You cannot just gut your whole kitchen and not expect to drop a significant amount of money.

1. Purchase a new appliance – You can upgrade one or two of your kitchen appliances very inexpensively ($200 or less). If your appliances are a little outdated and unstylish, consider purchasing a new microwave or mixer. Pick a color that stands out or a color that matches your kitchen walls.

2. Cabinets – If you want new cabinets, it’ll end up putting you in the $20,000 range. You can change the look and feel of your cabinets by painting them or choosing a new varnish. Consider replacing some of the old handes to a more modern style of hardware to make it stand out.

3. Paint your walls – One way to make your kitchen look different is to paint all of the walls. Even if you want to keep the same color,  a fresh coat of paint will brighten the room.

4. Change out your linens – Old and ugly linens will make your kitchen look extremely dreary. Replace the old rug by the sink. If your old dish towels are bringing you down, get brand new and decorative towels. Replace your old and boring window drapes with brand new and vibrantly colored drapes.

5. Move things around – Rearranging your appliances can give your kitchen a great new look. If you have a table in your kitchen, think about moving it out to give yourself a more spacious look. You might even consider removing everything from your countertops entirely. Adding a framed picture or painting to your kitchen can change the mood as well.

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Build Your Dream Home

Even though the economy has yet to fully recover from the recession of the last decade or so, there’s one big place where this proves a benefit: building your own dream home.

Mortgage Rates are at Historic Lows
With mortgage rates hovering at or even below 4 percent, there’s truly never been a better time to take out a loan to build a new home.

Property Values are Down
You’ve probably heard friends and neighbors lamenting their decreased property values — or maybe you’ve even found yourself in such a situation.  The good news is that goes for property you want to buy just as much as property you want to sell.  Right now, the Housing Affordability Index is at a record high, meaning the average homeowner has about twice as much income as they need to pay an average mortgage on an average house.  It’s the perfect time to look at a plot of land in a beautiful community upon which to build your dream home.

Custom Homes at Affordable Prices
Thanks to mortgage rates and property values, you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter, production builder’s model.  Right now, you can get more house for your dollar right now, and it’s the perfect time to look into having a new home designed and crafted to your specifications.  Economic conditions are perfect for stretching every penny to build the home of your dreams.

Woodland Shores in Lee’s Summit — The Perfect Place for Your New Home
If this all sounds like a dream, Woodland Shores is the perfect place to make that dream come true.  A development community in Lee’s Summit, we pride ourselves on helping home buyers build their dream home with our custom designs, distinct architecture, exquisite home landscaping, luxurious amenities, and protected natural surroundings.  To schedule a tour of one of our new homes or to learn more about Woodland Shores, give us a call at 816-537-7000 or visit our Web site.

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